Stormwater Discharge

To aid in returning runoff to water sources safely, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permitting program.

There are many entities that are involved in stormwater quality in the Grand Valley, including Mesa County, City of Grand Junction, Town of Palisade, Grand Junction Drainage District, Orchard Mesa Irrigation District, Grand Valley Water Users’ Association, and School District #51.

As these entities have been working together on stormwater management, the Grand Valley Stormwater Unification Feasibility Study was conducted in 2003 and the 5-2-1 Drainage Authority was created to help monitor and manage the quality of water as it returns to local washes, creeks, and rivers.

As a part of NPDES guidelines, employees in the Orchard Mesa Irrigation District and Grand Valley Water Users Association have the authority to monitor and report violations to the City of Grand Junction or Mesa County.

By working together to manage runoff, we can help provide better water quality in the Grand Valley. For additional information on stormwater management, visit 5-2-1 Drainage Authority.