Orchard Mesa Irrigation District

Orchard Mesa Irrigation District is supplied with water from the Colorado River as part of the Grand Valley Project in the western Colorado portion of the Colorado River Basin. The district has made possible a diverse agricultural economy, where favorable conditions allow growers to produce orchards, vineyards, vegetables, alfalfa and small grains on 9,219 acres (including “Vinelands” area of 591).



Agricultural Users

Agricultural watering practices account for approximately 80% of all water use annually in Colorado.

Residential Users

Keep your lawn looking green and maintain your lateral while in the growing season.

Vineland’s Pump – UPDATE
April 21, 2021 - By

Vineland’s Pump – UPDATE

04/21/2021 9:00am:  Vineland’s Pump has been turned back on.

Vineland’s Pump
April 20, 2021 - By

Vineland’s Pump

04/20/2021 2:00pm:  The Vineland’s Pump has been shut down in order for a break on a line to be repaired. […]

Water Date for 2021 Irrigation Season
March 5, 2021 - By

Water Date for 2021 Irrigation Season

The Board of Directors declared the water in date for the 2021 season to be Monday April 5th. Please be […]