Water Assessment

Water assessments are collected by the Mesa County Treasurer as part of the property taxes levied on irrigated lands within the district.

Assessments are made to cover cost of operation, maintenance, and replacement and repay loans. Additional assessment information is available by calling The Orchard Mesa Irrigation District at 970-464-7885.

The Board of Directors is required by the State of Colorado to determine the amount of money needed by the District to meet the maintenance, operating and current expenses for the ensuing fiscal year and to certify that amount to the Board of County Commissioners. It is the duty of the County Assessor to assess the lands within OMID to collect this certified amount.

The Assessor assesses each parcel by multiplying the number of acres by a fixed rate per acre provided by the District.

The current assessment rates for 2023 for each Class is as follows:

  • Class 4A (0.01 acre to 1.50 acres) = $177.00(flat rate)
  • Class 4B (1.51 acres up to 5.00 acres) = $128.00/acre.
  • Class 1 (5.01 acres and above) = $95.00/acre

The assessments are collected by the Mesa County Treasurer with the County property taxes.