Service Areas

Orchard Mesa Irrigation District was formed for the purpose of diverting, carrying and delivering irrigation water within the District boundaries. OMID boundary starts east of the town of Palisade, south of the Colorado River at 39 1/2 Road. The boundary line follows the left bank of the Colorado River to the confluence of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers. The southern boundary of the District is OMID Canal #2.

Orchard Mesa Irrigation District’s water is diverted from the Colorado River at the Cameo Diversion Dam, and then carried through the Government Highline Canal until it enters the Grand Valley just northeast of the Town of Palisade. The Cameo Diversion Dam also known as the Grand Valley Diversion Dam was completed in 1916. Serving over 33,000 acres, it is the main source of water for the Grand Valley Project and the Orchard Mesa, Mesa County, and Palisade Irrigation Districts. It can divert up to 1,675 cfs from the Colorado River in DeBeque Canyon.

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