May 10, 2023 News

Orchard Mesa Irrigation District (OMID) is tasked with maintaining and conserving our easements.

Irrigation canals and ditches and associated banks, roadways, gates, and irrigation facilities are private property not open for use by the public for any purpose without consent of the affected landowners and OMID. Please respect that many of these easements are on land owned by families whose property the easement crosses. It’s not public property. We respect the privacy of the people whose property our easement crosses and ask you do the same. The easements that are title owned by the Bureau of Reclamation are no different. It’s still private property—not authorized for public use.

Unauthorized entry on private property is legally considered trespass. This includes all trespass—whether for walking a dog, riding a bike, dumping of trash or debris, or camping.

OMID maintains our easements to assure reliable delivery of irrigation water to our users. We take pride in keeping our easements well-kept and free of encroachments.

Canals can be dangerous, and they are not patrolled! Don’t risk the safety of yourself or others by trespassing on our easement!

The canal roads are not monitored! Should something happen while on our easement, it could take valuable time for authorities to find you to administer aid.

Due to continued disregard for our posted signs and gates, OMID will begin taking legal action against trespass.

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