June 16, 2020 News
06/16/2020 11:00am: The temporary plug placed on the Vineland’s Pipe yesterday needed to be reinforced so the Pump was turned off late yesterday afternoon, will not be turned back on until tomorrow morning (Wednesday 06/17/2020) to allow it to dry. Plan is still for a more permanent patch to be placed Tuesday 06/23/2020 so the Pump will be shut off next Monday 06/22/2020 afternoon to drain in order to do the repair. Water will hopefully be restored later on Tuesday 06/23/2020, possibly Wednesday 06/24/2020. We apologize for the huge inconvenience and understand the frustration this is causing. We are doing our best to make the best repair in the meantime and will have to address a more permanent fix after this irrigation season is over.
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