April 1, 2019 News

Water Date for the 2019 Season Delayed

**UPDATE: Water in update for the Mutual Mesa lateral line: We began filling the Mutual Mesa lateral line this morning, Thursday April 11th and came across a break in the line. Repairs are underway, we hope to have the water in as soon as possible but it may be Monday April 15th when the water shows up. We will post new information as we receive it.

Due to construction on a gate in the canyon, and weather delays for parts – our water in date will be delayed. We are hoping to put water in toward the end of the 1st week in April. Water may not show up until Monday April 8th. We will post any updates we receive. **UPDATE: We began putting water in yesterday, Monday April 8th. It may take a few days to reach you depending on where you are located in the district and you may want to wait several days to use the water due to debris in the canal.

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